Signature Bridge Wristwrap™: Fibril™ Textured Double-wrap Half-cuff Bracelet


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Without a bridge, there can be no connection!
At the heart of bridging cultures, ideas, etc.
is finding or creating connections amongst people.  

Anchor your Bridge Wristwrap™ to your wrist and be an ally.

A nod to the old cobblestone bridges of older German towns, this memento is fashioned to withstand daily wear and become an indispensable wardrobe staple.
Its gentle glide with your natural body rhythm serves as a discreet reminder of your ability to empathize.
  • SCS-certified 100% recycled sterling silver half cuff with your choice of a matte or bright (highly polished finish)
  • approximately 4" half cuff with our signature Fibril™ surface texture
  • lightweight, layered sterling silver cable chain approximately 3" in wrapped length
  • secured with a large, easy to manipulate sterling silver balloon lobster clasp
  • contains no nickel
  • prior to packaging your order for shipment, your jewelry is disinfected and UV-C sterilized -- see COVID-19 Prevention Policy for details
  • FREE return shipping within 14 days of receipt - see retail return policy for details (does not apply to wholesale orders)
  • *Oculus Ring is not included
Don’t see the metal or gemstone you’d prefer?
Would you like the necklace or bracelet chain longer or shorter?
Would you like clips on your earrings instead of posts?

If you would like to make any of the above changes to this piece of jewelry, click here to send us a ‘Tailoring Request’; and, we’ll respond within 24 business hours.

Note (does not apply to wholesale orders): Unless in stock, Pareure Jewellery is made-to-order.  In stock jewellery will ship within 24-48 hours.  Made-to-Order jewellery will ship within 10-15 business days.

Our jewellery is:

  • meticulously crafted one piece at a time,
  • made in our Raleigh, NC studio and
  • created with a passion for mindful and minimal design.

We are fully committed to:

  • using responsibly-sourced metals and gemstones,
  • engaging in environmentally friendly studio practices and
  • choosing sustainable packaging and shipping materials.

Our gemstones and diamonds are mindfully and ethically sourced.  We work with independent dealers who have direct relationships with the mine owner(s) or the miner(s) , themselves.

Some diamonds and colored gemstones are:

  • recycled or lab-grown,
  • purchased from regions that depend on mining for economic survival or
  • purchased from areas that are committed to environmentally-sustainable mining practices
because there is no one answer to the impact of mining on surrounding communities and the environment.




We provide maintenance and repair services for all Pareure jewellery.

As a result of the current health crisis, jewellery repair and maintenance is being conducted by appointment, only.  You can schedule an appointment online, here.

Alternatively, you contact us (click/tap the appropriate link below) so that we may email or fax you a shipping label.

 Chat, Email, or Phone 

In addition to the shipping label, we will provide you with a Repair and Maintenance Order Form to be printed, completed and placed in the box with your jewelry.  

Maintenance and repair orders are placed into the queue based on the date it arrives in the studio.  Expedited requests are handled on a case-by-case basis - typically we will contact you once we've received the jewelry and completed an initial assessment; and, it is at this time that we will discuss expediting your request and the associated fee.

When your jewellery maintenance and/or repair is complete, we will contact you via email to finalize payment, if applicable, and schedule pick-up or confirm the return address.  Once your jewellery has been shipped, we will provide you with a tracking number via email or text.

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