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Recently, I was reminded of summers filled with camps, as a kid.  And, upon returning to school, usually after Labor Day, my first assignment was almost always to write an essay about what I did over the summer.  As I got older, those essays were required to include what life skills and life lessons I'd learned through my collective experiences that summer.  Having entered into the month of September, it seems more than fitting to share a couple of things that I worked on over the course of the summer which are, coincidentally, coming to a close this week. 

I spent Summer 2020 getting the latest scoop on happenings with diamonds and colored gemstones.  First, I spent some time, virtually, at the DeBeers Corporation.  For those unfamiliar with DeBeers, the company is based in the UK; and, they are experts in diamond mining and manufacturing.  They've been around since 1888.  Through their online program, I got the latest scoop on sourcing and cutting of traditional and fancy-colored diamonds as well as lab-grown diamonds.  At the end of the program, I received Diamond Foundation Certification.

Then, I took three online classes at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).  GIA, established in 1931, is a nonprofit organization that protects the gem and jewelry buying public through its research and lab services.  They, also, provide education for jewelers on the latest gemstone cutting practices, enhancements, and care for both diamonds and colored gemstones.  This week, I wrap up the final class and obtain an Applied Jewelry Professional Diploma.

What does this mean for you?  It means that I am up-to-date on the latest mining and manufacturing practices and can continue to bring you high quality, ethically sourced diamonds and colored gemstones in the engagement rings, wedding bands and limited edition pieces that you invest in through us.  Additionally, I will be sharing my expertise with you through the blog.  

We'd love to know what you'd like to see on the blog.  Please post your jewelry and/or gemstone questions or topics -- engagement-related or otherwise -- in the comments below.  We'll even give you a heads up on the publish date for the blog article that will answer your question(s) or address your topic(s).


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