What makes jewelry personal?

There are two things that make jewelry personal:

1. the reason you're buying it and

2. the jewelry's uniqueness. 

Celebrating a promotion, mourning an empty nest or expressing your feelings for someone are all legit reasons for buying jewelry.  While no one reason is bigger or more important than another, each reason has a special combination of circumstances and a distinct individual, or set of individuals, involved.  We are of the opinion that the jewelry chosen to symbolize the event should be just as distinctive as the circumstance(s) and individual(s) it is being purchased to represent.  At Pareure (puh-roor), we offer two services to help you create that one-of-a-kind (OOAK) piece of jewelry, for your unique circumstances and special people.

First, we offer a Tailor-made Service.  Tailor-made jewelry is built using an existing Pareure collection design as the starting point.  The components of the selected jewelry piece are, then, modified to accommodate to your, individual, specifications -- such as the addition of OOAK gemstones, different earring components, etc.  For example, in the image at the top of this post, the Large and Short Pendant necklace has been transformed into a bracelet, where, the necklace chain has been replaced with a hefty curb chain and the pendent re-oriented to serve as the connector between two pieces of the curb chain.  

Our second service, which yields a OOAK piece of jewelry, is our Custom-made Service.  Custom-made jewelry is built using a paper sketch that results from a collaboration between you and Tonya, Pareure Jewelry's Founder.  For this service, you and Tonya may use jewelry you already own or, create a design board with images of pieces of jewelry that appeal to you or the recipient, as a starting point.  There are a few extra hoops to jump through to go from a sketch to a finished design; so, custom-made jewelry will take longer to complete than tailor-made jewelry.

Choosing the right piece(s) of jewelry to symbolize that special person and occasion isn't easy; so, know that we are here for you -- via telephone, online chat or email.

    "You are unrepeatable. There is a magic about you that is all your own." 
    ~ D.M. Dellinger

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