This Mother's Day, we want to honor the extra special role Mom's have had to take on in light of the health crisis.  When you purchase $300 or more on or before 1 May 2020, you will also receive access to a Mother's Day mini-Retreat, at no extra cost.

The mini-Retreat includes: 

  • The, virtual, one-hour Flow & Unwind Virtual Yoga Class taught by a Colors of Yoga Raleigh instructor.  
    • Course description: Flow and Unwind helps you wind down from the weekend and prepare for the week ahead.  This gentle flow-style class is open to all levels and incorporates a practice that balances effort and ease.  In this class, we will slow down, reconnect with ourselves and link movement with breath.  Class slowly builds heat with a standing sequence before releasing into lengthening poses that provide relaxation and grounding.
  • The ingredients to enjoy a refreshing herbal iced team following the class

Additional notes for your awareness:

Feel free to call us or hit reply on this email, if you have questions or would like to some assistance with your purchase.