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Hi there,

Tonya here.

Here in the foothills of North Carolina, USA, it is clearly summer with its 90º+ temperatures and sticky humidity; but, even the weather is in turmoil as we've been getting afternoon thunderstorms almost every day for the last week and a half.

For me, June 2020 was equal parts agonizing and exhausting.  As I sifted through my own experiences -- with the police, with hatred both in my academic and neighborhood communities and everything from polite indignation to micro-aggressions in both my career in the corporate tech space and as an entrepreneur in the jewelry space -- rushes of emotion rose up and came crashing down like tidal waves.  Being an introvert further complicated the situation.  For those who don't know, as an introvert, social engagement requires a significant amount of energy; so, I had to carefully manage, and at times reserve, my energy so as to participate in the very necessary conversations that were happening and continue to be happening.

I greet July 2020 with a mix of excitement and trepidation -- as a Black person in America and as a Black, female small business owner in America.  I see authenticity and transparency as critical right now.  We need to be honest about where each of us is in embracing the Black Lives Matter Human Rights Movement so that those who've not yet chosen to join the movement know who is holding space for him/her, if they choose to join the movement.  Authenticity and transparency are also critical to ensuring that this human rights movement continues to thrive and bring about permanent, sustainable change that future generations can benefit from -- as opposed to becoming a moment that disappears from the pages of history.  

I have been able to spend bits of time thinking about jewelry and noodling on new ideas.  As always, I will be soliciting your feedback as the designs evolve.  I look forward to sharing new jewelry with the world!

Until then, much love to you!



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