Jewelry in the New Workworld

5 Ways to Up Your Virtual Meeting Game

Working from home doesn't make using your appearance as a communications medium any less important.   The new workworld order of video conference calls, has changed which parts of your personal style take on the greatest part of the communication workload.
As your workwear shifts to made-for-the-computer-screen solids and monochromatic layers, your jewellery takes center stage as the primary expression of your professionalism and your personality.  
Buh-bye shoes, handbags aaannd outwear. 

This is how ya do it...

  1. Mix it up -  your metals, that is.  Neckmess pairings such as sterling silver and rose gold offer a nice pop to navy and black blouses or yellow gold and rose gold give a warm glow to the skin when wearing a v-neck blouse.
  2. Go solo with earrings - go big and go posted.  No, statement earrings with a post and clutch. don't have to weigh your lobes down.  Look for statement studs with open air designs and super small gemstones or pearls.
  3. Proportion avoids competition - earrings and necklaces that complement.  Pair your statement earrings with a single 18 inch pendant necklace to elongate your neck and highlight cheekbones.
  4. All about the layers - necklace combos will keep the convo productive.  Create your own version of the almighty neckmess with 3-4 dainty necklaces.
  5. Spotlight on the hands - Have a bodacious ring & bracelet with your coffee as you watch to the presentation.
Experiment with your newfound freedom of expression!

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