How to Store Heirloom Quality Jewelry

(Pictured above are the 360º Kinetic Earrings, 360º Small Hoops and 360º Oculus Ring.)

Here are three tips to protect your jewelry when it's not being worn.

Tip 1: Keep a small dish at the bathroom and kitchen sinks to hold your jewelry when washing your hands or taking a shower/bath (as shown in the image above).  This will keep your jewelry from accidentally falling into the drain or getting lost on the floor. 


Tip 2: Store each piece of jewelry individually.  Giving each piece of jewelry its own compartment or sealable storage bag will prevent scratches, deformed ear wires, and tangled chain.


Patina'd (chemically blackened) sterling silver. earrings and resealable zip lock bag

Tip 3: Store patina'd (chemically blackened sterling silver) jewelry in a plastic resealable bag or in a completely separate jewelry box.  Some of the chemicals used to patina jewelry, will blacken other non-blackened sterling silver jewelry, if they are stored together without a barrier.

Protecting your heirloom jewelry today will ensure many lifetimes of wear!

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