Virtual Meeting Worthy Jewelry

(Pictured Above: The Men's Version of the Oculus Ring and the Bridge Wristwrap)
I don’t know about you; but, the novelty of working from home and engaging with my colleagues via zoom meetings has faded and has, instead, become my new normal.  I’ve come to know where everything is, in my ‘temporarily’ expanded studio, like the back of my hand; and, I’ve settled into a new kind of routine which includes thinking, only, about getting dressed from the waist up.  Might I add, my work 'uniform' is starting to feel a bit monotonous.  So, this article is a follow-up to a previous blog post -- ‘5 Ways to Up Your Virtual Meeting Game with Jewelry’.  Here are three ideas to give your new workworld 'uniform' a professional edge.

Proportion Avoids Competition: This example takes it to the extreme and eliminates the competition completely.  The size on the 360º Trio Collar is such that it looks best when it stands alone; however, don’t be shy about using clothing in a contrasting color to highlight a long slender neck or soften broad shoulders. 

All About the Layers:  Here, the Mantle Pendant is layered with the 360º Lariat which narrows the shoulders and elongates the torso.  The 360º Kinetic Earrings subtly concentrates the viewers eye on the speaker by drawing attention to the jawline.

Spotlight on the Hands: The 360º Oculus Ring paired with the 360º Bridge Wristwrap is just the combination to emphatically drive your point home as you passionately present your proposal.  Oh, and yes, you're seeing that right -- the Oculus Ring and the Bridge Wristwrap are available in gentleman-friendly proportions. 

Replace the monotony with a professional edge...using jewelry!

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