We're here to celebrate You...Pareure Jewellery model in Signature Large and Short Pendant Necklace and Signature Kinetic Earrings

We want you to feel invigorated when wearing our jewelry and unapologetic about the unique presence you bring to the world.  
We encourage you to be adventurous.  With an open mind and a commitment to engaging and inspiring those around you, you can contribute to a better future.  
We invite you to dare to be different, and, we hope our jewelry stirs your spirit.  Whatever you do, be fully present, open your heart, and, give your entire being to the experience.
Our mission...

Pareure Jewellery model in Signature Trio Collar and Signature Kinetic Earrings

At Pareure (puh-roor), we create jewelry that honors your spirit and stirs your soul. 

We're passionate about celebrating and emboldening ambitious people, who define their own standards, create new rules and live relentlessly.  

We are dedicated to meticulous craftsmanship and passionate about mindful and minimal design.
How it's made matters...

We are fully committed to:

  • using SCS-certified recycled metals and responsibly-sourced gemstones,
  • engaging in environmentally friendly studio practices & 
  • choosing FSC-certified packaging and shipping materials.  

 Our gemstones and diamonds are mindfully and ethically sourced.  We work with independent dealers who have direct relationships with the mine owner(s) or the miner(s), themselves.  

Some diamonds and colored gemstones are:

  • recycled or lab-grown,
  • purchased from regions that depend on mining for economic survival or
  • purchased from areas that are committed to environmentally-sustainable mining practices
because there is no one answer to the impact of mining on surrounding communities and the environment.
    Our signature Fibril™ texture...

    Pareure Jewellery Signature Component Texture Close-up

    A structural organism found in nearly every living organism, fibrils play an important role in body parts such as muscles.  They are the basic, rod-like units of any muscle cell and ultimately help enable movement.  

    Mimicking the look and feel of textile fibers, our Fibril™ texture glides across your skin and energizes you with its gentle touch.  Fibril™ represents the natural harmony of a body and mind in perfect alignment.  


    "Engineering is my trade, jewelry is my craft."
    ~ Tonya Powell, Founder
    Born an artist and raised an engineer, Tonya's returned to her artistic roots.  She has created a modern jewelry brand that exhibits simplicity in its most refined form.  
    Tonya's aesthetic draws from motifs and themes in Bauhaus design which is characterized by geometric shapes, clean lines and a focus on function.  By superimposing texture onto geometric and architectural forms, Tonya uses her signature Fibril™ texture to reflect the human need to touch and be touched. 
    To hear Tonya's interview with Brenna Pakes of Jewelry Navigator, tap the image below:
    Professional Designations:
    Applied Jewelry Professional (AJP), Gemological Institute of America (GIA)
    Professional Affiliations:
    Pareure Jewelry Kinetic Earrings and Small Pendant Necklace
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